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So what is this all about?

I'm a 35ish y/o french guy. In 2009, I left France and expatriated myself to Seattle, a city that I came to deeply love and care for. When I arrived in that wonderful city, I started blogging about my adventures. I soon realized that I really liked writing and that people seemed to like my texts, which was a pretty cool bonus. Then I remembered that I was already writing novels (about a young boy befriending a wolf, inspired by Jack London) when I was eight years old and that I had somehow hid that passion for writing somewhere deep inside me for a very long time. It was cool to reconnect with that.

Unfortunately, in March 2011 I got diagnosed with leukemia, specifically Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (with Philadelphia chromosome, if you happen to know about such things). I very nearly died a few times during the rounds of chemo that followed, then I got a bone marrow transplant. It is quite possibly the hardest thing I ever did, but it was made quite easier by the fact that I was going through this with my wife, that I really deeply love. Believe it or not, even when things really got crappy, deep inside, I was happy: as long as I was with her, it was fine. Also, as long as I had to protect her, I could not quit. Anyways, it took me 3 years to recover from that procedure and actually I am still recovering from it. During that time, I started writing more serious posts about leukemia that were very well received by my usual readers and that attracted new readers, patients and caregivers looking for information about leukemia. 

Again, people seemed to really like my posts, so I decided that I would try and realize a dream I had for a long time and write a book based on my blog. I was actually making good progress on that project when a friend died from cancer and another relapsed, and I could not take it anymore. It was just too hard, rehashing all those memories when I wasn't even sure that I was cured myself (I probably am now btw) and when friends suffered around me. I had to take a break from all this, the pain, the disease, all this stuff.

So I stopped writing that book. But I could not stop writing altogether, so I started another project: a science-fantasy novel set on a world that I call Yaghan (for a reason that I hope will come to be obvious). The funny thing is that when I was in Seattle, I wrote in French for my parents and family and I was frustrated that my american friends could not read me, so I started writing about Yaghan in English... And due to external circumstances, I had to come back to France permanently in September 2014. So here I am, in France, writing a novel in English. Well, I guess that with the Internet, it doesn't matter very much anyway. 

Half-way through that novel I realized that I actually needed to flesh out my world more, so I started writing little pieces in the same setting. Which is where this blog comes in. 

My plan for this blog is to publish small novellas, excerpts from all my notes, maps, character sketches, you name it. Anything that I find interesting related to the Besieged Cities of Yaghan, really. 

I am going to start with a novella I just finished called "the Law of the Plains". Stay tuned!

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