Sunday, November 02, 2014

Welcome to my new project

Some of you might know me from reading my french blog Carnets de Seattle, and some of you, a lot of you I hope ;) do not know me and discover this blog for the first time. 

What is this about?

Well it's very simple: I'm writing a science-fiction/fantasy novel set in a world that I call Yaghan. It's about humans being confined to fortified cities on a strange planet, because mutating-magical-zombies-on-crack called morlocks roam the land and drove humanity to the brink of extinction centuries ago. Side note, the similarity with "Attack on Titan" is very superficial: I was actually quite bummed out when I discovered this (awesome) show after I started writing because I thought I had a unique idea. 

I'm making progress, so far I've written about 50k words (an average novel is about 80k) and I've also written about 50k words of notes and snippets of text that describe the world.  But there is a very strange thing you need to know about my writing process: I only know something about my world when I write about it. Oh, sure, I can tell you about this and that, but if I want to explore the complex mechanisms behind this strange planet, I have to write about it. Just thinking is not enough.

Because of that, one day, to flesh out my world, I decided to write a novella with a different group of characters, just to get a different perspective on my world and story. I enjoyed my new cast of characters so much that before I knew it, I had completed a 15k words piece (about 50 pages).

I first wanted to try and self-publish this novella, maybe on Amazon, to see what response I would get, but a friend convinced me that it would be more fun and productive to publish it as a serial on a blog. I agreed and after a lot of discussions, we came to the conclusion that not only could I publish my novella, but I could also write about the process of writing or publish the small texts that I wrote as a reference to myself, and make a whole companion site to what will be, hopefully, my first novel.

So there you go: over the newt few weeks, I am going to publish a chapter of my novella every 3 days. Then, we'll see. Hopefully I will have more material by then.

Stay tuned!

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