Sunday, November 02, 2014

Introduction to "The Law of the plains"

I wanted to write a few words about the piece I'm going to present over the next weeks.

The characters of my novel are elite warriors and exceptional even among their peers (I like when characters are awesome, kind of like David Gemmell's heroes). Think Navy Seals, think Jason Bourne, these kind of guys and gals. The problem is, one of my "test" readers commented on the fact that they killed morlocks too easily, as if they were like Tolkien's orcs, nothing more than canon fodder.

That bothered me, because it was clear to me that my heroes were able to do so only because they are the best at what they do (killing morlocks). Moreover, they still get hurt in the process, they are not stupid all-powerful characters like Superman (there you go, I alienated all Superman fans... Just kidding guys!). 

But I agreed:  there was no sense of fear, the morlocks were not quite monstrous enough, they were not the implacable evil that choked humanity that I had envisioned.

So I decided to write a short novella about a group of people that actually live outside the walls of a fortified city. As you can imagine, if everybody else lives behind walls because they fear the monsters, these guys must be pretty badass! Yes they are, that's for sure, but they also have a lifestyle that makes this possible, one that humanity as a whole doesn't want to embrace.  So it's not just because they are ├╝ber fighters that they survive, as you will see. 

I hope that with this novella I can convey better why morlocks are so frightening and why they control the planet. I also wanted to write more about the vast expanses of the Great Plains of Yaghan, to try to get out of the cities a bit and I really liked the trip: for me it was like going on (a dangerous) vacation, if you will. 

Also, I ended up really loving my characters, and I hope you will too. 

First episode: tomorrow and then every 3 days. Stay tuned!

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